Thinking of Hair Transplant - Trust Only the Experts!

Market is rife with cheap Hair Transplant gimmicks selling Hair Transplant at very low cost. Please do not come under cheap gimmicks as Hair Transplant is a complex and tedious procedure which requires great expertise and precision. 

Thinking of Hair Transplant OR Hair Weaving – Trust only the Experts who trained the industry. Be cautious! Don’t lose Hair & money to cheap gimmicks. INVEST YOUR TRUST WISELY!

By becoming victim to such marketing strategies, you not only lose your money, your time but as well as your hair follicles.

Besides the disadvantages of poor esthetic results, one may develop serious lifetime infection in such poorly sanitized and sterilized armamentarium. 

1. You get what you pay for

2. Desired Hairline and Hair density

3. We guarantee 100% results

4. Pleasing looks to suit your personality 

5. Hair Transplant by Experts who are doing Hair Transplant since its advent in Delhi, India – 8 to 15 years experience

6. Standardized Sterilized equipments & methods, Sanitized Operating Rooms, Adherence to hygiene and anti-septic methods, Infection free procedure

7. Number of follicles implanted are always 1000-2000 more than that promised in fees

8. No visible marks

9. New transplanted Hair are your own hair. Maintain and style as you want

10. Necessary monthly PRP for next 9 months 

11. Guided Postoperative Monthly Home Care

12. Availability of Doctors for discussion once you become our patient 

13. Easy Fee EMI Installments, no hidden charges 

14. Minimum documentation

15. Customised HAIR WEAVING irt. colour, style of hair you desire