IT'S WASHABLE FACE TATTOOING performed only by Certified Doctors

Looking good and remarkably presentable is the need of the hour. 

It not only boosts self confidence but also brings lots of joy in life as we get improved relations. However, inner growth of self, based on spiritual methods cannot be denied, which surely must be focus of all individuals.

Not the least, SatyaRoopa offers Permanent & Washable Face and Scalp Tattoo for your beautification and to boost your morale while your inner spiritual journey of strengthening takes shape. 

· Scalp Tricho-pigmentation in areas of baldness

· Permanent Eyebrows

· Permanent Eyeliners for both lids

· Permanent Lip Liner

· Permanent Lip Stick

· Permanent Mole or Beauty Spot

· Camouflage of scars

· Camouflage of depigmented skin (eg. Vitiligo, burn patches)

Performed only by Certified Doctors

Permanent Micropigmentation is usually a 2-3 sittings procedure which requires topical anesthesia and 1-2 touch-ups, depending upon the density of color you desire. The colors are fast, remain in the skin for lifetime and do not come out with washing of face or body parts

In medical fraternity, Permanent Medical Micro-pigmentation is also called by name of "Permanent Make up". To laymen, its ‘Medical Tattooing’ performed by Certified Doctors. 

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